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Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute
Palode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India - 695562
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Dr. P.G. Latha Director   more > >
Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Division
Dr. P N Krishnan Scientist F, Head   more > >
Dr. C G Sudha Scientist E2   more > >
Dr.K Satheesh Kumar Scientist E2   more > >
Dr. S Mukuntha Kumar Scientist E1   more > >
Dr. P Padmesh Scientist E1   more > >
Dr. William Decruse Scientist C   more > >
Dr. K.K. Sabu Scientist C   more > >
Dr. R..K. Radha Scientist B   more > >
Conservation Biology Division
Dr. P.G. Latha Director & Head in-charge  
Mr. Jothish P.S Scientist B  
Mrs.RasiyaBeegam A. SSA  
Ethnomedicine and Ethnopharmacology Division
Dr. P G Latha Director   more > >
Mr. K Radhakrishnan Scientist C   more > >
Dr.Suja S.R. Scientist B & Head in-charge   more > >
Dr. Vinodkumar T.G. SSA   more > >
Garden management, Education, Information and Training Division
Dr. N Mohanan Scientist E2, Head   more > >
Dr. R Rajvikraman Scientist C   more > >
Mr. Cheriyan P Koshy Scientist C  
Dr. Prasannakumari A.A Scientist B   more > >
Mr. Dhruvan Tandyekkal SSA  
Phytochemistry and Phytopharmacology Division
Dr. B Sabulal Scientist E1   more > >
Dr. Ramesh Kumar K.B. Scientist - B   more > >
Plant Genetic Resource Division
Dr. P J Mathew Scientist E2,Head  
Dr. C Sathish Kumar Scientist E2  
Dr. K C Koshy Scientist E2  
Dr. P K Suresh Kumar Scientist E1  
Dr. Bejoy Mathew Scientist E1  
Dr. Mathew Dan Scientist C  
Dr. C Anil Kumar Scientist C   more > >
Dr. Sam P Mathew Scientist C  
Plant Systematics and Evolutionary Science Division
Dr. A G Pandurangan Scientist F, Head  
Dr. K B Vrinda Scientist E1  
Dr. Pradeep N.S. Scientist C  
Dr. Shiburaj S. Scientist C   more > >
Dr. Rajendra prasad M. Scientist C  
Dr. Sreekala A.K.. Scientist C  
Dr. Rajkumar G. Scientist B  
Dr. C.K. Pradeep Scientist B  
Dr. Nazarudeen A. SSA  
Mr. Shaju T SSA  
Micro Fungi and Lichens
Dr. V B Hosagoudar Scientist E2   more > >
Puthenthope Extension Centre
Dr. P.N. Krishnan Scientist-in-Charge   more > >
Dr. S Sreekumar Scientist C   more > >
Dr. C.K. Biju Scientist B   more > >
Mr. M. Raveendran SSA  
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
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