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Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute
Palode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India - 695562
Dr. N. R. Rajvikraman
    Scientist - C
Garden Management, Education, Information and Training Divisions
Fax: 91(0) 472 - 2869646
Area of Interest : Design and execution of Botanic Garden Landscapes; Systematics of garden cultivated plants.
Academic Qualifications  
    M. Sc. [Botany], Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 1986
Ph. D. [Botany-Angiosperm Taxonomy], Kerala University, 2005
Certificate Course on Basic Horticulture, TBGRI, 1987
Certificate course on "Landscape Gardening and Garden Management", Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, England, 1882
Certificate course (correspondence) on "Garden Landscape Design Drawing", Horticultural correspondence college, Wiltshire (England), 1999
Major Achievements
  (i) Raised a collection of about 750 species/varieties of tropical ornamental plants.
(ii) Domesticated at least 25 new less-known wild species of ornamental potential.
(iii) Identified and labeled about 750 species/varieties of ornamental plants.
(iv) Constructed ornamental plant landscapes in nearly 25 acres of land generally comprises of the main entrance garden, gardens by the sides of major roads and premises of major buildings, the visitors resting areas under the woods, rock garden etc.
(v) Developed the special groups of curious plants like Bromeliads, less known wild ornamentals, Cacti and other Succulents etc.
(vi) Developed many educational displays like evolutionary chart with representation of live specimens, angiosperm fossil, pitcher plant display and many educational boards and features.
(vii) Developed an educational/enjoyment place, ‘RET Species Park’ with trees of IUCN conservation status in about 6 acres of land.
List of Publications
Research papers
  Jacob Thomas and Raj Vikraman, (1996). ‘In Wood land garden, grow indoor plants outdoors’, Indian Horticulture, Vol. 41 (1) pp. 11-13.  
  Jacob Thomas, E.S. Santhosh Kumar, M. Abdul Jabbar, P.A. Jose and R. Raj Vikraman, (1998). ‘Wild ornamental plants of Western Ghats (Kerala). J.Econ.Taxon.Bot. Vol. 22 (2) pp. 477-489.  
  Santhosh Kumar, E.S., M. Abdul Jabbar, R. Raj Vikraman, Jacob Thomas and P. Pushpangadan (1998). ‘of Western Ghats: Strobilanthes: a potential groups of ornamentasl’, Indian Horticulture, Vol. 42 (4) pp. 17-19.  
  R. Raj Vikraman, Jacob Thomas and A.G. Pandurangan (2000). ‘Variegated ‘Philippine Violet’(Barleria cristata L.) – a new ornamental plant, J.Econ.Taxon.Bot. Vol. 24 (3) pp. 723-726.  
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  Lathan Kumar K.J., Raj Vikraman R., and A. Mohandas (2004). ‘Conservation of two rare and endemic Euphorbia species of Agasthyamala hills – a case study’, J.Econ.Taxon.Bot. Vol. 28 (3) pp. 738-740.  
  Raj Vikraman R., A.G. Pandurangan and G. Thulasidas (2008). ‘Structural mobility in tropical landscapes’ J.Econ.Taxon.Bot. Vol. 32(4) pp. 738-740.  
  Raj Vikraman R., A.G. Pandurangan, N. Mohanan and G. Thulasidas (2012). ‘Structural mobility in tropical landscapes’ Indian Horticulture, Vol. 57 (2) pp. 28, 36 & 37  
  Raj Vikraman R. (2010). ‘Bromeliads- a plant group of curiosity’, TBGRI Half-yearly Newsletter, December 2010.  
Popular article
  Raj Vikraman R. (2010). ‘Bromeliads- a plant group of curiosity’, TBGRI Half-yearly Newsletter, December 2010.
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