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Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute
Palode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India - 695562
Dr. Mukunthakumar
    Scientist - C
Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Division
(R)91 4651 250546
Fax: 91(0) 472 - 2869646
E-mail: mukunthakumar@gmail.com
Dr. Mukunthakumar
Area of Interest : Conservation Biotechnology
Research Projects undertaken
Title of the project

Funding agency

Position Duration
Tissue culture mediated propagation, selection and genetic upgradation of economically important Bamboos. Kerala Forest
Co-investigator 1995 April - 2000 March
Artificial regeneration of economically important Rattans (canes) through embryo and tissue culture. DBT, Govt. of India
Co-investigator 1997 April - 1999 Nov.

Induced variation and selection of Musa from the diploid variety for commercial purpose KCSTE Principal Investigator 3 Years
List of Publications
Papers /Abstracts published
Mukunthakumar S (1985). Phytosphere studies in Allium cepa L. Abstract presented in the Annual conference of the Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Udaipur, India.
Nayar TS, Koshy KC, Sathishkumar C, Mohanan N and Mukunthakumar S (1986). Flora of Tropical Botanic Garden, Palode, TBGRI, Thiruvananthapuram.
Mukunthakumar S and Vijayan K (1990). A new record of Calamus brandisii Becc. (Arecaceae) from Kerala forest. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 14 pp.192-194.
Mukunthakumar S and Vijayan K (1991). Undescribed fruit of two species of Calamus L. (Arecaceae) from India. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 15 pp. 482-484.
Mukunthakumar S, Jaideep Mathur and Mathur SN (1991). In vitro Studies on some economically important Bamboos. Abstract published in International Conference on Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Mukunthakumar S, Mathur SN (1991). Micropropagation of Bambus vulgaris Schrad and Dendrocalamus brandisii Kurz. Presented at International Conference on Plant Physiology, BHU, Varnasi.
Jaideep Mathur, Mukunthakumar S, Gupta SN and Mathur SN (1991). Growth and morphogenesis of plant tissue culture under mineral-oil. Plant Sci., 74 pp. 249-254.
Jaideep Mathur, Mukunthakumar S (1992). Micropropagation of Bauhinia variegata and Parkinsonia aculeata from nodal explants of mature trees, Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture, 28 pp. 119-121.
Mukunthakumar S and Jaideep Mathur (1992). Artificial seed production in the male Bamboo Dendrocalamus strictus L. Plant Sci., 97 pp. 109-113.
Nair PKK, Appasamy T, Mukunthakumar S and Jaideep Mathur. Ochlandra tavancorica Gamble A new bamboo resource for wasteland in North India. J. Env. Res., 1 pp. 27-28.
11. Mukunthakumar S, Binoy PC, Jose JC, Hemanthakumar AS and Seeni S (1998). Occurrence of Calamus nagabettai Fernandez & Dey in Kerala. J. Econ. Tax. Bot., 22 pp. 205-206.
12. Mukunthakumar S, Jaideep Mathur, Nair PKK and Mathur SN (1999). In vitro Morphogenetic Responses of Nodal Explants of Golden Yellow Bamboo Bambusa vulgaris schrad, J. Non Timb. For. Prod., 6 pp. 39-43.
13. Mukunthakumar S, Jaideep Mathur, Nair PKK and Mathur SN (1999). Micropropagation of Dendrocalamus brandisii kurz. using in vitro nodal explants. Indian For., 125 pp. 1239-1243.
14. Sreekumar S, Mukunthakumar S and Seeni S (2001). Morphogenetic responses of six Philodendron cultivers in vitro. Indian J. Exp. Biol., 39 pp. 1280-1287
15. Mukunthakumar S and Seeni S (2005). In Vitro Cloning and homestead cultivation of primitive Musa cultivars. Indian J. Exp. Biol., 43 pp. 90-95
16. Seeni S, Hemanthakumar AS, Mukunthakumar S and Jose JC (Accepted). Rapid propagation of Calamus thwaitesii Becc (Arecaceae) using embryogenic callus cultures. In. Plant Cell Rep.
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